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Our smart contract solutions enhance agility, productivity, operational efficiencies, compliance, and transparency at scale, all while strengthening security and privacy.

How it Works


Think of our solution as the execution layer for a Business Process Management (BPM) system. While traditional BPM systems typically manage workflows exclusively within the bounds of an organization, Devvio’s solutions are designed for secure and private multi-party collaboration across organizations as well.


We use smart contract protocols combined with our proprietary blockchain ledger to automate a wide range of business processes within an organization, while simultaneously allowing the organization to safely share documentation, communicate key information, and track transaction status with its partners and customers.


Data protection is paramount. Which is why our Security OS allows participants and counterparties to maintain control of their own information, while providing a public mechanism for collaboration in areas where cooperation is a requirement, such as logistics, payments, or IoT.


The result? A peer-to-peer, automated system that enables multiple entities to exchange information directly while guaranteeing the integrity of the process. Requirements are coded directly into smart contracts, and any party can independently verify that specific actions have been performed correctly. Privacy is maintained, and an immutable record is generated for audits.


We enable simple integration with legacy infrastructure. Our platform can be incorporated easily into existing workflows and is compatible with competing solutions, eliminating barriers to multi-party collaboration.



Agility, speed & efficiency

  • Devvio’s smart contracts enable automation of all its products and solutions.

  • Our blockchain can support 8 million transactions per second.

  • Devvio facilitates processes involving multiple parties, enabling documentation sharing, communication, and transaction tracking

  • Eliminates bottlenecks by allowing requirements to be coded directly into smart contracts, enhancing efficiency.

  • Auditing and compliance are made simpler due to a highly secure and immutable record of all transactions, where all participants’ interactions are cryptographically secured.


Privacy & security

  • Our proprietary blockchain is Byzantine Fault Tolerant. It is distributed across nodes, and all transactions are assured via a consensus protocol. Where most security approaches are designed to harden central points of failure, Devvio’s Security OS has no central point of failure.

  • Devvio can maintain both short-term and long-term storage for an immutable record of transactions. This provides full backups, disaster recovery, and the prevention of ransomware attacks.

  • Devvio’s Security OS provides a cost-effective solution even at scale, providing a backbone for designing and implementing shared operational and technical frameworks that adhere to regulatory requirements.


Interoperability & scale

  • One of Devvio’s key enabling elements is our patented ability to implement, manage, and scale independent shards horizontally without sacrificing global state management.

  • Our blockchain technology enhances multi-party collaboration by eliminating the need to maintain a central repository of information, allowing companies to securely exchange information directly with counterparties.

  • We make adoption easy with painless onboarding, compatibility with legacy systems, and the ability to work seamlessly with other platforms.

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