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Cold Goods Tracking &
Supply Chain

Ensure the integrity of perishable goods, such as foods and vaccines, with an innovative supply chain solution.

How it Works


Each item or package (e.g., vaccine vial) is assigned a unique identification token on a blockchain.


The token provides secure authentication for counterfeit prevention.


Data tied to the token includes:

  • Item description and manufacturer.

  • Manufacturing date and location.

  • Expiration date (before and after thaw).

  • Time-stamped temperature data from shipment to final destination.

  • Thaw date and time.

  • Disposition if expired or subjected to temperature excursions.

  • Date and time of receipt at each supply chain node.



The token is connected to a temperature-monitoring device to ensure that the storage temperature is maintained along the entire supply chain.


All details of a given shipment can be viewed by authorized personnel via an online dashboard or app. Warnings are delivered if temperatures fall out of range.



Simple to implement and deploy

  • Ready to use: Designed explicitly for temperature monitoring, Devvio tags are connected to barcodes already affixed to shipments.

  • Press and place: Once a tag is ready to be used, simply press the button and place the tag inside the container.

  • Data at your fingertips: Access real-time shipment details conveniently via an app.


Precision temperature monitoring

  • High temperature range: -100 to +100 degrees Celsius

  • Flexible programming: Measurement intervals and high / low temperature limits can be preprogrammed or specified in the app.

  • Easy to read: LEDs on the tag provide visual notification of temperature excursions or expiration.

  • Alerts when you need them: Notifications can also be accessed through the app, dashboard, or via email.


Automatic data upload

  • Connect at each stop: Upon arrival at each supply chain node, tags automatically connect to a gateway at the receiving dock.

  • The data you need: All tracking and temperature data is uploaded to the blockchain. Time and date of receipt for every item is automatically recorded.

  • Upload on the road: Optional cellular gateway for upload directly from a shipping vehicle.

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