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Customer Successes

Our real-world enterprise blockchain deployments
are changing what it means to do business-as-usual.

Case Study 01

A Fortune Global 500 company providing insurance and financial services to retail and institutional customers in over 40 countries.

  • The company explored dozens of competing digital contact tracing solutions before selecting ours.

  • Devvio’s security, privacy, and hardware partnerships with Avnet and Rigado were primary reasons for our selection.

  • During deployment, Devvio customized shards to satisfy the customer’s unique technical and IT requirements.

Customer Benefits

Security & privacy

A robust partner ecosystem

Sharding enables customized solutions

  • The company is also considering our technology for a digital ID platform.

Case Study 02

A Fortune 500 cloud-based software company delivering global customer relationship management (CRM) services.

  • One of the world’s largest service providers, this company leveraged our blockchain to enable HR integration for one of its customers.

Customer Benefits

  • Using our RESTful API, this service provider integrated a complex project in less than a day.

  • RESTful architectures use a subset of HTTP, allowing any web developer to deploy with ease.

  • The company is also considering our cold chain solution for their pharmaceutical clients.

Deployment at scale

Simple onboarding process

Integration with existing databases

Case Study 03

A worldwide leader in trading data-driven commodity products, with offices in Berlin, Houston, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Sydney, and Vancouver.

  • The company engaged Devvio to create a system for tracking the provenance of commodities-related data.

  • During their evaluation of competing blockchain technologies, DevvX emerged as the only platform that fulfilled their requirements.

Customer Benefits

Data provenance

Architecture flexibility

  • DevvX was selected primarily due to cost, throughput, governance, ease of integration, and architecture flexibility.

Affordability, high throughput & governance

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