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Devvio Due Diligence Dataroom

1. Overview
Devvio is an enterprise blockchain company that has created the world's fastest, most scalable, and most cost effective blockchain solution. Devvio’s vision is to create the world’s infrastructure for transferring value. The Devv blockchain is the only blockchain solution that addresses all of blockchain’s biggest challenges such as cost, scalability, stability, fraud/theft/loss and privacy, in a single solution. By far, the largest area of growth in the blockchain space in the coming years will be in enterprise use, and Devvio is positioned to be a leader for enterprise use, and therefore a leader in the entire blockchain space.

View a presentation of Devvio's business.

2. Organization and Management
One of Devvio's primary strengths is its management team. Devvio's team consists of experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals. Devvio's team has the expertise to execute on our vision of enabling the world's infrastructure for transferring value.

View Devvio's Team Information Here.

3. Financial
Devvio's Blockchain-as-a-Service business model mirrors traditional cloud computing business models.

View Financial Details Here.

4. Corporate Records and Governance
View Devvio's Corporate Records Here.

5. Cap Table
View Devvio's Cap Table Here.

6. Technology
Devvio has the most scalable and most cost effective blockchain solution in the world.

View a Technical Summary.

View a Q&A Security Summary.

View a Benchmarking Analysis Summary.

View a Technical Roadmap.

7. IP
View a summary of Devvio's IP here.

8. Litigation
Devvio has had no litigation or threatened litigation.

9. Press and Media
View Devvio's press and media here.

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