Devvio Creates Powerful Technology

Our Technology Ensures Security, Privacy, and Trust
Devvio can track any type of Value

Devvio can track digital assets or digital representation of physical assets.


Devvio can maintain any type of record in a format that is secure, immutable, auditable, and which has full disaster recovery.


Devvio can maintain the identity of individuals, businesses, or even devices. Users are in full control of all Personally Identifiable Information.

...or even Human Endeavor

Devvio's goal is to maintain all of the world's value, including human endeavor itself.

Devvio's Software

Devvio has created the most sophisticated blockchain technology in the world. Our blockchain technology is ideally suited for maintaining large-scale, time-ordered datasets, which is the perfect format for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The Devv Blockchain is immutable, auditable, and provides for state-of-the-art Byzantine Fault Tolerant Security. It is a perfect platform for self-sovereign identity and IoT integration, distributed consensus which lets many different entities all work together to run the system in a collaborative way, and automation given smart contract functionality. All of this together provides for a system where everyone who is using it can trust it fully. Fundamentally, Devvio represents privacy, security, and perhaps most importantly, trust.

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