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Devvio unveils first comprehensive blockchain-based ESG platform for municipalities at CES

United Cities North America selects DevvESG products to track “Scope 3” supply chain emissions


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Jan. 5, 2022 — Devvio, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise blockchain solutions, today announced a first-of-its-kind ESG platform tailored to the needs of municipalities. The DevvESG product suite allows cities and towns worldwide to track the “Scope 3” emissions produced by their network of vendors and suppliers. The innovative solution was selected by United Cities North America (UCNA) to dramatically improve the ESG rating of participating municipalities by directly addressing their downstream value chain (Scope 3) emissions. 

"Devvio is proud to be the only blockchain company selected by UCNA to deliver a comprehensive Scope 3 ESG solution to its constituent organizations,” said Tom Anderson, CEO of Devvio. “Our collaboration with UCNA will advance the objectives of the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable Net Zero Agenda by enabling OEMs and agencies to address their Scope 3 emissions with guaranteed data provenance. Devvio’s goal is to serve as a common source of truth and trust for the entire ESG space.”

Built on the world’s first and only ISO-compliant green blockchain, called DevvX, Devvio’s ESG solution is designed to motivate and simplify Scope 3 ESG efforts, accurately tracking and validating related assets and data, including carbon offsets, plastic offsets, and social good-related tokens. The product also enables organizations to track their ESG performance and ratings with transparency, while making it easy and straightforward to discover novel ways to improve those ratings. Early access to DevvESG is available immediately to local, state and federal authorities throughout Canada, the US and Mexico.

“Our mission at the UCNA is to partner with organizations that help create and build sustainable, net-zero cities and communities,” said Jason Lohe, head of UCNA. “Devvio’s advanced blockchain technologies offer the ideal platform for sustainability efforts, tracking ESG data and assets on an immutable and auditable public ledger rather than relying on spreadsheets and databases. We are pleased to include Devvio’s all-in-one Scope 3 solution as part of our Sustainable Development Goal 11 (SDG 11) initiatives.”

Generally considered the most far-reaching and challenging emissions category to address, Scope 3 emissions are defined as those which occur outside of an organization’s own operations, such as those produced by its suppliers. Scope 3 emissions typically represent the majority of an entity’s greenhouse gas outputs, making their abatement a prerequisite for any organization looking to demonstrate leadership in ESG.

Devvio’s DevvX blockchain, the fastest and most scalable in existence at over 8 million transactions per second, is based on over 5 years of R&D and has been deployed in a number of real-world enterprise systems. It offers immutability, privacy, Byzantine Fault Tolerance, patented theft and loss protections, and a RESTful API interface for straightforward integration into existing systems. The only ISO-compliant green blockchain available, DevvX would consume 3.5 billion times less energy than Bitcoin during the execution of similar operations.

ESG Product Features

  • Customizable web portal, allowing the platform to be fully branded and tailored to address each participant’s unique supply chain and vendor ecosystem

  • Automated guidance and built-in questionnaires to help suppliers and vendors provide relevant information and/or engage in initiatives and projects that yield required data

  • Secure storage of all progress and information using the DevvX blockchain, allowing seamless delivery to trusted parties

  • Comprehensive dashboards showing the current status of all suppliers and vendors in their progress toward Net Zero, including their individual impact on overall Scope 3 emissions reduction efforts

  • Corporate reporting tools that simplify the process of bringing relevant data together in a clear, easy-to-interpret format

  • Integration with third parties, allowing participant organizations to offer guidance to their employees or constituents regarding positive actions they can take



For information on availability, please contact Devvio at Additionally, a live demonstration will be available during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at booth 9371. Booth visitors will be eligible to receive a code which can be redeemed for a complimentary ESG report for their organization or business.

For more information, please visit and


About Devvio


Devvio is a leading provider of large-scale enterprise blockchain solutions for ESG, NFTs, payments, supply chain, IoT, workplace safety, identity, and asset/records management. Leveraging the world's first and only ISO-compliant green blockchain, Devvio's next-generation platform delivers over 8 million transactions per second while remaining flexible, cost-effective, regulatory compliant, private, secure, auditable, and globally scalable, with a RESTful API interface that makes integration simple. By delivering groundbreaking solutions for enterprise while furthering humanitarian goals, Devvio is on a mission to provide the world's trusted source of ESG truth and to enable the world's infrastructure for transferring value. For more information, please visit and


About UCNA


Approved by the United Nations and The United Cities Global Program, United Cities North America (UCNA) is tasked with supporting SDG 11 initiatives in Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Aligned with the United Nations’ 2030 Sustainable and Net Zero Agenda, United Cities North America (UCNA) is taking action to shift how we build and act as a global community so we can all thrive together. Incorporated in January 2021, UCNA has enlisted elite-level executives, corporate partners, universities, funding partners and government agencies to action the vision of building sustainable cities and communities in the region.

Devvio Media Contact


Mark Hazlin, Xenophon Strategies,, (202) 289-4001.


UCNA Media Contact


Jason Lohe, Head of United Cities North America,

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