DevvTrace is a cost-effective, private, and secure contact tracing platform that can help prevent the spread of Covid-19.


It allows businesses to safely and effectively bring employees and customers back to physical locations. 

Privacy and Security

Privacy and Security are critical components for digital contact tracing.

Businesses need to minimize liability while protecting employees and customers. For many businesses, this is the gating factor in implementing contact tracing.


Devvio has spent over 4 years developing a state of the art security platform with self-sovereign identity. It is an ideal platform for digital contact tracing. User data is guaranteed to be private through cryptography.

Easy to Use Hardware


The DevvTrace Hardware provides accurate distance measurements between users.

  • Can be worn as a beltclip or on a lanyard.

  • Small form factor.

  • Strong battery life.

  • Recharges overnight with a USB-C connector.

  • Vibrates when near another device to help maintain social distancing.

  • Does not require use of a phone or its battery life.

  • Maintains all information in an account that guarantees users' privacy.

User Participation

In order for contact tracing to be effective, a large percentage of users must participate. Devvio hardware solves this problem. In a business setting, all employees and customers can utilize the hardware (while still maintaining user privacy), therefore allowing 100% participation.

Getting Back To Work

Buildings and Offices

Factories and


Businesses and Retail

Universities and Schools

Amusement Parks



Trade Shows



Many businesses across the world right now are facing the same challenge... How can employees and customers be safely brought back to physical locations? DevvTrace presents key capabilities to more safely and effectively bring people back.

Powerful Blockchain Technology

Devvio's Blockchain Technology Makes Private, Large Scale Contact Tracing Possible


Devvio's blockchain can process over 8 million transactions per second, and transactions can settle in less than one second.


Devvio's blockchain is so efficient that it is on par with traditional databases for cost.


Devvio's blockchain is highly secure. All transactions are cryptographically secured and the system runs on Byzantine Fault Tolerant distributed consensus.

Contact Tracing

DevvTrace maintains relevant user data on a highly secure system that assures privacy.

DevvTrace tracks data that can indicate if a person has been exposed to an infectious disease such as Covid-19. 


  • Hardware keeps track of distances between all users near each other.

  • All Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is controlled through users’ private keys in a blockchain wallet.

  • Data is encrypted and privacy is mathematically assured.

  • If an employee or patron shows symptoms or tests positive for Covid-19, they can allow recorded contact information to be anonymized and sent to a database of Hot Spots (i.e. interactions where others may have been infected, defined over time).

  • All users can compare their tracked positions and contacts with Hot Spots to see if they have potentially been exposed to an infectious disease.

Why Devvio?

Devvio has unique capabilities that do not exist for any other contact tracing application.

  • Privacy: Devvio's blockchain technology provides large-scale self-sovereign identity controls that assure privacy at any scale. Our technology can be deployed across thousands of businesses and governments.

  • User Participation: Devvio's approach focuses on businesses utilizing wearables. This approach allows for high levels of meaningful participation given Devvio's hardware. 

  • Flexibility: Devvio's sharding solution provides the flexibility needed to meet the requirements of any customer while still allowing each independent network (shard) to combine for a significantly more encompassing effect.

  • Ranging:  Accurate distance ranging is a critical component in contact tracing.  Devvio offers several ranging options to meet different customer needs.

  • Governance: Devvio's flexibility in implementing shards is critical for the variability in governance needed across many different organizations. Devvio can create shards that satisfy privacy and liability concerns for businesses, legal and privacy requirements, and operational requirements for governments.

  • Security: Devvio's technology uses state of the art security. The Devv Blockchain operates using distributed consensus with Byzantine Fault Tolerant security.

  • Scale and Cost: Devvio's solution can be scaled to national or even global scale and can process millions of transactions per second. Blockchain technology is particularly well suited to tracking large volume time-ordered data. Devvio has the only solution scalable and cost-effective enough to apply blockchain to this use case at the needed scale.

  • Network Effect: A contact tracing system only has value if enough people use it. While there are other contact tracing solutions, only an officially endorsed solution that works for businesses and governments alike can achieve the critical mass necessary to be effective.

  • Incentives: Devvio's solution is innately suited to creating incentives for taking part in the system. We can easily track points or value that participants earn through using the system. Points can be tied into partnerships with other entities like airlines, stores, or businesses.

  • Expandability: Our system has all of the capabilities needed for synergy across future use cases, so an investment in DevvTrace still has value after the Covid-19 pandemic has passed. We can implement additional privacy or identity based applications, create workplace efficiencies, or implement safety or security operations.

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