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Digital Contact Tracing

Protect employees and patrons by accurately
tracking contact events
to prevent the spread of infectious diseases
such as COVID-19.

How it Works


We start by addressing the two biggest barriers to implementing effective contact tracing: maintaining privacy and encouraging user participation.


We uphold privacy by leveraging our leading-edge blockchain platform, while we make participation effortless via the deployment of dedicated hardware wearables, which can be assigned to employees or used temporarily by business patrons.


Our wearables automatically monitor distances between users. All personally identifiable information is controlled via users’ private keys held in a blockchain-based wallet. Data is encrypted on blockchain validation nodes.


If an employee or patron displays symptoms or tests positive for an infectious disease, they can allow recorded contact information to be anonymized and sent to a database of “hot spots” (i.e. locations where infections may have occurred, defined over time).


Users can compare their historical movements and contacts with hot-spot data to determine whether exposure may have occurred. Note that users' locations are not explicitly tracked; instead, our wearables simply detect proximity to other users, and even that information is held privately.



Heath & safety assurance

  • Protects employees and patrons by accurately and immediately tracking contact events to prevent the spread of infectious disease.

  • Additional biometric data can also be tracked, such as temperature, coughing, pulse oximetry, ECG, GSR, and more.

  • Our focus is on businesses, where most meaningful contact tracing events occur.

  • Reduces risk and liability by preventing scenarios where multiple individuals in a location become infected by a single carrier.

  • Strengthens industry by significantly reducing the likelihood of incidents that require closures.


Privacy & security

  • With DevvTrace, all data is encrypted, private, and self-sovereign for users.

  • Privacy is mathematically guaranteed.

  • Users are in full control of the use of their own data. All personally identifiable information is controlled through users’ private keys held in a blockchain wallet.

  • Our privacy solution is built on nearly 5 years of leading-edge blockchain research and development.

  • Byzantine fault tolerant security and self-sovereign identity are native to our platform.


Turnkey solution

  • Our all-in-one contact tracing solution includes dedicated hardware, significantly increasing the likelihood of user participation.

  • A simple app enables participants to easily engage with the system using a straightforward interface.

  • An algorithm takes hotspot data and automatically determines a user’s exposure risk.

  • Includes a variety of capabilities, including health passports, hotspot maps, and more.

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