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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

We have established a revolutionary ESG platform
where new companies and projects are launched,
where ESG data is tracked with full provenance,
and where worldwide ESG efforts are grown and incentivized.

How it Works


The DevvESG ecosystem consists of three complementary components: the DevvX platform, the DevvESG Fund, and the DevvE cryptocurrency. All three components create a virtuous cycle of mutual reinforcement.


The DevvX platform is a regulatory compliant framework for managing token launches, asset registries, user identities, and exchange capabilities.


The DevvESG Fund is a venture fund for investing into ESG companies. It is managed by a world-class venture capital team and includes proceeds from DevvE sales.


DevvE is a legally compliant replacement for Bitcoin, focused on compliance, storage of value, environmental sustainability, and digital payments.


DevvESG focuses on environmental, social, and governance-related issues, leveraging partnerships with an array of organizations within the ESG space. Our strength is our ability to empower companies to create, buy, and sell ESG assets, such as carbon offsets, by providing the ability to understand and validate the provenance of those assets. We envision DevvESG as a hub for ESG innovation.



Trust & provenance of data

  • Validates the provenance of ESG assets (e.g., carbon offsets) via a proprietary blockchain implementation.

  • Enables a transparent chain with no central authority overseeing transactions.

  • World-class Byzantine Fault Tolerant security is native to our platform.


A compliant hub for innovation in the ESG space

  • Any two parties can independently audit a transaction that occurs on chain.

  • Devvio has developed a proprietary implementation of blockchain sharding (parallelizing blockchain processing), representing the only solution of its kind in the world today. DevvShards allow for the creation of any number of independent networks, which work in unison and are easy to customize across any regulatory, geographical, or government requirements.

  • DevvShards can be public or private, and can be tailored to throughput, security, regulatory requirements such as HIPAA of GDPR compliance, or any mandates of business/ governance.


Contribute to improving the world

  • Our portfolio partner companies can: access new customers, raise money on our platform, create liquidity for otherwise illiquid assets, tap into the power of DevvX itself for operations., and/or release tokens representing assets, equity, utility, convertible debt, and more. We provide ESG ratings as well as numerous solutions to improve those ratings.

  • Token sales can be used to grow community, leverage the powerful blockchain features of DevvX, and to generate utility within a portfolio partner's ecosystem.

  • Bitcoin uses 1,000,000 times more energy than DevvX. 90% of all DevvE issuances are used to fund our portfolio partners and their world-changing technologies and ESG projects.

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