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In honor of Earth Day, Devvio launches "GlassBlock," built to be the most energy efficient NFT marketplace in the world

Designed by the creator of Amazon's Kindle marketplace, GlassBlock touts secure, near-zero energy transactions involving assets on the DevvX blockchain

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., April 22, 2022 — Devvio, Inc., a leading provider of advanced blockchain solutions, today announced the launch of GlassBlock (, an energy efficient marketplace that allows NFT assets held on the DevvX blockchain to be bought, sold and traded securely. With design and development overseen by former Amazon principal and original Kindle inventor Jason Merkoski, GlassBlock will initially focus on NFTs for the LitCraft metaverse and play-to-earn video game LitCraft Nysperience (

NFT categories currently available on GlassBlock include:

  • LitCraft Nysperience

    • Genesis LitPet Chests

    • Genesis Land Chests

    • Coin Bundles

  • LitCraft Metaverse Artwork

  • Grant Beagan: The Finder’s Code Limited-Edition and Standard-Edition eBooks

  • Grant Beagan Artwork

  • LitSquad Collectible NFT Cards, Featuring a Limited-Edition Earth Day LitSquad LitPet

“In my 25 years of building marketplaces, I haven’t seen an e-commerce system with as much potential for positive change as Devvio's,” said Jason Merkoski, CIO of Devvio. “I’ve innovated systems for the retail of physical goods, as well as the sale of digital goods, but the foundations we are laying with for buying and selling blockchain-based goods has deep implications for commerce as we know it. This foundation provides a basis for us at Devvio to change the fundamental nature of how value is exchanged, and to disrupt B2C and B2B deal-flows. I’m proud to be launching this initiative on Earth Day as well, to celebrate a new direction for global blockchains with the public debut of Devvio’s energy-efficient products. I’m excited for LitCraft customers, and to be working with future partners who wish to participate on GlassBlock.”

Devvio’s DevvX blockchain, labeled by Forbes as the fastest and most scalable in existence at over 8 million transactions per second, is based on over 5 years of R&D and has been deployed in a number of real-world enterprise systems. It offers immutability, privacy, Byzantine Fault Tolerance, theft and loss protections, and a RESTful API interface for straightforward integration into existing applications. The only ISO-compliant green blockchain in existence, DevvX would consume 3.5 billion times less energy than Bitcoin during the execution of similar operations.

About Devvio

Devvio is a leading provider of large-scale enterprise blockchain solutions for ESG, NFTs, payments, supply chain, IoT, workplace safety, identity, and asset/records management. Leveraging the world's first and only ISO-compliant green blockchain, Devvio's next-generation platform delivers over 8 million transactions per second while remaining flexible, cost-effective, regulatory compliant, private, secure, auditable, and globally scalable, with a RESTful API interface that makes integration simple. By delivering groundbreaking solutions for enterprise while furthering humanitarian goals, Devvio is on a mission to provide the world's trusted source of ESG truth and to enable the world's infrastructure for transferring value. For more information, please visit and

About LitCraft

LitCraft is a mythical, rich and diverse universe where mages (the Lit) and wondrous creatures live in hidden worlds as part of an evolving and complex magical society. The LitCraft extended universe includes the LitCraft Nysperience play-to-earn game and the Grant Beagan book series. There are plans for future expansion into other media, including virtual reality, television and film. Conceptually, LitCraft also represents a societal paradigm shift. It envisions a future society where all citizens are valued and accepted, where barriers to societal participation are removed, and where everyone has the opportunity to fulfill their potential. For more information, please visit

Media Contact

Mark Hazlin, Xenophon Strategies,, (202) 289-4001.

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