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With Devvio’s blockchain solution, individuals’ identities
can be assuredly proven across any domain,
while allowing participants to maintain full self-sovereign control of the use of their private information.

How it Works


Our goal is to provide the future of identity, where individuals maintain full control of
their own identity information. 


The process starts when a third-party verifier confirms some type of identity data, such as a valid Real ID driver’s license, government passport, university degree, engineering license, or any other type of information associated with an individual’s status, accomplishments, or characteristics.


The verifying entity sends an identity token to the person whose identity has been confirmed. This token can then be used to satisfy common requests for identifying information, including proof of legal age, credit worthiness, airline boarding status, and more, all without disclosing private data to the requestor.


The requestor that receives the identity token information can be absolutely assured that the data is valid, unaltered, and sourced directly from the user’s private blockchain wallet. We can deliver irrefutable mathematical proof that information has been verified.


Devvio also provides direct services for identity confirmation. In this case, our identity management product serves as the foundation for providing end-to-end access management (AM) capabilities, enabling companies to identify, track, and control authorized users' access to any given location, system, application, or physical structure.



Self-sovereignty plus verifiability

  • Assured identity representations via third party verification.

  • Third-party verifications are held on the blockchain and cryptographically assured whenever an identity needs to be confirmed.

  • Powerful algorithms are used to validate an identity and its claims.

  • Robust Identity definitions are implemented to create any type of identity representation: who a person/entity/device is, what a person has done, where a person has been, and more.


Highly secure & private

  • Users control when, where, and how their identity is used.

  • Utilizes a highly secure system with cryptographic signatures.

  • User can have selective exposure, only revealing the data required for a specific purpose (e.g., an address isn’t provided when the purpose is age verification).

  • There is no central authority overseeing or owning identity information, so users can trust that their data will be used appropriately. Data is only shared with users’ consent.


Interoperability & compliance at scale

  • A highly interoperable solution that can easily be made available across a variety of organizations and use cases. Completely independent from particular platforms or architectures.

  • Leverages the fastest and most scalable blockchain in existence, with support for more than 8 million transactions per second.

  • Protection can be extended to devices and assets as well. Through a combination of both hardware and software security validation, our solutions can ensure that hardware assets have not been counterfeited or tampered with at the chip level.

  • Devvio has solved the sharding problem, enabling horizontal scaling, which allows for the development of large-volume identity solutions.

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