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Covid-19 Tracking

Devvio's Infectious Disease Tracker (IDT) provides an affordable technology platform that can be used to more safely and effectively bring employees and customers back to physical locations. If interactions around an infectious disease can be detected early in real time, its spread can be minimized.

Privacy and Security

One of the biggest challenges for any business implementing contact tracing and disease detection, is maintaining users' privacy and ensuring security. Regulatory requirements on privacy must be met, and businesses do not want to take on undue liability while trying to protect employees and customers. For many businesses, this is the gating factor in implementing an infectious disease tracking and detection system.

Devvio's IDT is built around a foundation of privacy and security. Users are in full control of their data using Devvio's powerful self-sovereign identity solution. Devvio's technology represents the most scalable, cost-effective, and flexible self-sovereign identity solution in existence. Data is encrypted, secure, and assured to remain private. Hot Spot locations only include anonymous data. All data is maintained within a state of the art Byzantine Fault Tolerant security infrastructure.

User Participation

Another of the biggest challenges for any type of contact tracing is ensuring a high enough user participation percentage. Contact tracing only works when enough users participate. Devvio's approach solves this problem given our hardware solution. Devvio works with businesses that can require employees to use wearables, therefore allowing in many cases 100% participation among meaningful interactions where an infectious disease can be spread. Businesses can also encourage or require participation by patrons, therefore also achieving high participation percentages.


Governments that have tried to encourage individuals to take part in contact tracing have often achieved only low participation percentages. Using Devvio's approach, in contrast, governments can encourage businesses to participate, thereby significantly increasing meaningful use of contact tracing as well as creating mechanisms where businesses can responsibly stay open. Individuals can use Devvio's contact tracing applications as well, of course, but by focusing on businesses and wearables first, contact tracing efforts can be useful and effective from the beginning and naturally grow into broader adoption.


Broad implementation by businesses naturally leads to broad use by citizens, as most contacts where contact tracing is needed, happen at a business location.

Getting Back To Work

Many businesses across the world right now are facing the same challenge... How can employees and customers be safely brought back to physical locations? Devvio's IDT presents key capabilities to more safely and effectively bring people back. Wearable sensors can provide data for disease detection as well as contact tracing capabilities that can help prevent the spread of the disease.

One of the most powerful aspects of Devvio's IDT is the flexibility provided by its sharding solution. Devvio can create an independent network (or shard) for any of our customers, and all of the individual networks can be coordinated. A college student using the IDT on campus can also be protected when working at an office, visiting a store, or going to a theme park. Devvio's patent pending sharding technology allows flexible deployments for any business customer. Our cross-shard transaction implementation allows all of the independent networks to work in unison.

Powerful Blockchain Technology

Devvio's Blockchain Technology Makes Private, Large Scale Contact Tracing Possible

Devvio's blockchain technology foundation assures privacy, security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. All data is recorded as transactions on the blockchain, protected through public-private keypairs, and all Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is maintained within Devvio's self-sovereign identity infrastructure.

All of the records are added to the blockchain through distributed consensus, and business customers can take part in consensus if desired. All records are held on an immutable and auditable ledger. The privacy and self-sovereign identity control that Devvio's approach provides is important in all use cases, but it is particularly important with wearables where data must be stored on the cloud.

Contact Tracing

Devvio’s infectious disease tracking system maintains relevant user data on a highly secure system that assures privacy.

Devvio's IDT tracks data that can indicate if a person has been exposed to an infectious disease such as Covid-19. Epidemiologists and other experts on infectious diseases have identified contact tracing as a key tool needed to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Contact tracing has allowed some countries, such as Singapore and South Korea, to keep coronavirus transmissions at manageable levels.


  • Hardware keeps track of distances between all users near each other.

  • All Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is controlled through users’ private keys in a blockchain wallet.

  • Data is encrypted and held on blockchain validation nodes (servers) on the Devv Blockchain. Devvio mathematically assures cryptographic privacy.

  • If an employee or patron shows symptoms of having Covid-19, or if they test positive for Covid-19, they can allow recorded contact information to be anonymized and sent to a database of Hot Spots (i.e. interactions where others may have been infected, defined over time).

  • All users can compare their tracked positions and contacts with the Hot Spots to see if they have potentially been exposed to an infectious disease.

Hardware Solutions

Devvio has a number of hardware solutions that can be customized for our customers. There are a variety of form factors and material choices available. Devices can be ruggedized and made waterproof.

Devvio provides the most accurate and inexpensive bluetooth distance monitoring between devices that is currently available on the market. Devices can notify users when they come within 6 feet (or any defined distance) of another user and those events are privately recorded on the blockchain. Notifications can be made via LED, haptic feedback, and/or sound. Devices have standalone communication & update capabilities via Bluetooth, WiFi and/or cellular.

Wearables can record a variety of biometrics and other data, including:

  • Geolocation tracking. 

  • Body temperature measurements.

  • Coughing sensing.

  • Heart rate measurements.

  • Pulse oximetry measurements.

  • Electrocardiogram (ECG).

  • Galvanic Skin Response (GSR).

  • Gait and movement.

Devices can measure and establish a healthy biometric baseline.

Wearables can be customized in their designs for cost, battery life, data throughput, and features. Other form factors beyond those shown are available. Devvio provides the most inexpensive baseline devices for measuring distance between users. Each device has a unique identifier and can be associated with an employee, or they can be quickly temporarily associated with a visiting customer. Devices have local data storage, and there are a variety of techniques for communicating to a private blockchain account.

Wearables can be further utilized for other applications beyond infectious disease tracking. They can be used for payments, access control, marketing, or any other IoT integration.

Why Devvio?

Devvio has unique capabilities that do not exist for any other contact tracing application.

  • Privacy: Devvio's blockchain technology provides large-scale self-sovereign identity controls that assure privacy at any scale. Our technology can be deployed across thousands of businesses and governments.

  • User Participation: Devvio's approach focuses on working with businesses utilizing wearables. In this approach, high levels of meaningful participation can be achieved. 

  • Flexibility: Devvio's sharding solution provides the flexibility needed to meet the requirements of any customer while still allowing each independent network (shard) to combine for a significantly more encompassing effect. The blockchain networks used for businesses, governments, events, stores, and any other gathering can all work together to create a massive network effect. Contact tracing is only effective with a critical mass, and Devvio's solution provides an effective implementation not only for an individual business, but also across many different applications.

  • Ranging:  Accurate distance ranging is a powerful component in contact tracing.  Devvio offers several ranging options to meet different customer needs. If precision is most important, wearables can be designed to use ultra wideband (UWB) technology to achieve up to 10cm accuracy.  If cost is most important, there is a low-cost Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) option that is more accurate than other solutions that use Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) measurements. This option utilizes a proprietary, radar-like technology that uses phase-based ranging, and provides enough accuracy for most applications while saving on device costs.

  • Governance: Devvio's flexibility in implementing shards is critical for the variability in governance needed across many different organizations. Devvio can create shards that satisfy privacy and liability concerns for businesses, legal and privacy requirements, and operational requirements for governments.

  • Security: Devvio's technology uses state of the art security. The Devv Blockchain operates using distributed consensus and has Byzantine Fault Tolerant security.

  • Scale and Cost: Devvio's solution can be scaled to national or even global scale and can process millions of transactions per second. Blockchain, as a technology, is particularly well suited to tracking large volume time-ordered data. Devvio has the only solution scalable enough and cost-effective enough to apply blockchain to this use case at the needed scale.

  • Network Effect: A contact tracing system only has value if enough people use it. There are other contact tracing solutions, but an officially endorsed solution that works for businesses and governments alike is needed in order to get enough people using it. Because our solution is a public blockchain with no central authority overseeing transactions, it is perhaps the only type of approach that can work at global scale.

  • Incentives: Devvio's solution is innately suited to creating incentives for taking part in the system. We can easily track points or other types of value that participants can earn through using the system. Points can be tied into partnerships with other entities like airlines, stores, or businesses.

  • Expandibility: Our system has all of the capabilities needed for synergy across other use cases. We can create shards (independent networks) that are HIPAA compliant or GDPR compliant. We can maintain identity information of doctors and patients for related information which show proof that a verifying entity has validated a user's identity or other information. Patient releases of health records for public health needs can be implemented with full patient control and approval, within regulatory compliance (i.e. HIPAA), and with irrefutable records on an immutable chain showing all regulatory transactions, which can be audited. The ability to expand our system into many other valuable use cases is extremely valuable.

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