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IoT Integration

Better Together
With Devvio’s blockchain platform, the transformational
potential of IoT is unleashed,
enabling advanced authentication, resiliency, data reliability,
device identity, and surety of access to communication
networks and digitized assets.

How it Works


IoT device measurements and actions are tracked as transactions on the blockchain at high-volume scale and at an inexpensive price point.


With DevvX, every IoT device maintains its own unique and verifiable identity, and messages in and out of every device can be cryptographically secured, as well as verified via an immutable ledger.


Our decentralized networks of nodes process every transaction, over 8 million per second, providing exceptional security and robustness.


We are able to implement custom levels of permissioning and data access across multiple private and public networks, called shards.


Devvio delivers a best-in-class security overlay for all extended solutions encompassed by IoT and communications networks, including financial services, payments, compliance, identity, mobility, and supply chain.



Best-in-class IOT security & privacy

  • Currently, there are significant security holes in many IoT implementations. Devvio’s IoT platform delivers industry-leading security benefits to cybersecurity professionals.

  • Our solution enables enterprises to protect their data, contracts, files, devices and networks, but also to maintain privacy, authenticate identity, prevent theft/spoofing, and develop governance for IoT device control and coordination. These requirements are necessary whether in a large-scale factory environment, a remote field with low bandwidth for connectivity, a smart home, or a retail store.

  • Devvio delivers a powerful solution which allows commands to IoT devices to be verified by the device prior to execution. Likewise, data originating from devices can be confirmed as authentic and stored on an immutable ledger, providing valuable proof of provenance.

  • We provide a communications security platform that includes not only the integrity of data and information, but also the identity and integrity of the end points at the edge of the network.


Regulatory compliance at scale

  • Blockchain has not been effectively applied to IoT use cases because of cost and throughput requirements. Devvio’s platform offers a practical solution to using blockchain at the scale required by IoT applications.

  • Devvio provides the ability to scale to meet service and security requirements across a dynamic network of devices, all at an effective price point.

  • Devvio implements shared frameworks that adhere to regulatory requirements.


Interoperability & multi-party collaboration

  • No central authority oversees verification of transactions. Instead, transactions are cryptographically secured and then validated via an independent consensus algorithm.

  • Devvio provides a trustless solution that enables many different companies to work together on the same platform, share the same data structures, and coordinate across a wide variety of technical implementations.

  • Distributed ledgers are inherently designed to offer shared visibility of data, offering new levels of interoperability. Devvio easily integrates traditional databases with our blockchain platform, providing a backbone to support connection and cooperation across established technologies, with quick onboarding using tools such as our RESTful API.

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