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Devvio announces former Amazon principal Jason Merkoski as Chief Innovation Officer

Amazon Kindle inventor will lead the company’s gaming and marketplace initiatives

ALBUQUERQUE, N.M., Feb. 2, 2022 — Devvio, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise blockchain solutions, today announced the appointment of Jason Merkoski as Chief Innovation Officer (CIO). An MIT-educated technologist with over 25 years of experience in building software and hardware products, Merkoski brings expertise in ecommerce, digital marketplaces, and metrics-based management to Devvio’s next-generation blockchain platform, DevvX.

“Jason is an amazing addition to the team,” said Tom Anderson, CEO of Devvio. “His expertise with mass-market consumer products and enterprise-level software releases, like the Amazon Kindle marketplace, will be a huge contribution to our upcoming offerings.”

“I’m excited to bring over 25 years of technology and product innovation expertise to Devvio,” said Merkoski. “With its high transaction speed and horizontal scalability, DevvX is uniquely poised to disrupt existing industry segments. Video gaming and NFT marketplace segments are just the beginning for Devvio; when you broadly consider the range of all human and commercial activity, there are almost limitless opportunities for persisting and exchanging units of value on our eco-friendly blockchain platform."

An early inventor and innovator of the Amazon Kindle, Merkoski has managed product and technology teams at a variety of leading companies such as Intel and Motorola and has also served as Chief Technical Officer for several startups in the video game, social influencer, and ad-tech space. He has lectured to large audiences about digital innovation across the United States, as well as in Brazil, South Korea, the United Kingdom, France, and Japan. A frequent contributor to the New York Times and the Washington Post, Merkoski is an author of several books about the entrepreneur economy and agile innovation. He holds B.S degrees in Theoretical Mathematics and Creative Writing from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


About Devvio

Devvio is a leading provider of large-scale enterprise blockchain solutions for ESG, NFTs, payments, supply chain, IoT, workplace safety, identity, and asset/records management. Leveraging the world's first and only ISO-compliant green blockchain, Devvio's next-generation platform delivers over 8 million transactions per second while remaining flexible, cost-effective, regulatory compliant, private, secure, auditable, and globally scalable, with a RESTful API interface that makes integration simple. By delivering groundbreaking solutions for enterprise while furthering humanitarian goals, Devvio is on a mission to provide the world's trusted source of ESG truth and to enable the world's infrastructure for transferring value. For more information, please visit and

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