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Our innovative blockchain solution enables businesses
to maintain a full history of immutable and auditable
records, revolutionizing security, reporting,
interoperability, compliance, and privacy of information—
affordably, at a global scale.

How it Works


Many types of records, such as government and healthcare records, must remain secure, regulatory compliant, and only accessible on a need-to-know basis, all of which represent significant and ongoing challenges.


With Devvio’s records management
solution, all of these challenges are
within a large-volume and high-throughput records management
system where all records, and any
allowed modifications to them, are memorialized on an immutable ledger


We provide absolute proof that records are authentic and unaltered, allow the tracking of incremental changes and revisions, and establish trust in a record’s origin and provenance over time.


Our solution delivers enhanced auditability, provides instant and regulated accessibility, and does so with best-in-class security and privacy protocols. Records are held on an immutable ledger, providing a secure and transparent history. As records are updated, all changes are permanently memorialized in time-ordered transactions.


Devvio’s records management is highly flexible and can be used with any type of information. We make onboarding incumbent data easy, and our platform is compatible with existing systems via a straightforward RESTful API.



Best-in-class security, privacy & identity control

  • Devvio records management ensures users are in control of their personally identifiable information (PII), and entities that rely on identity representations can be assured, through a highly secure system, that third-party verifiers have validated an identity to the level they report.

  • User records have selective exposure. Users are able to provide only the information that is needed for a specific purpose.

  • There is no central authority overseeing or owning records information, so users can trust that their data will not be used inappropriately.

  • Devvio’s blockchain implementation brings an unprecedented level of trust and disaster recovery to the records management space. Our combination of immutability and decentralization guarantees data integrity, even if disaster strikes.


Auditability & regulatory compliance at scale

  • Blockchain has not been effectively applied to records management due to cost and throughput requirements. Devvio’s platform offers a practical solution to using blockchain at the scale required for global deployment.

  • A highly secure and immutable record of all transactions, where all participants’ interactions are cryptographically secured, provides an ideal system for auditing and compliance.

  • Devvio records management includes EU GDPR-compliant mechanisms.


Multi-party collaboration & interoperability

  • No central authority oversees verification of transactions. Instead, transactions are cryptographically secured and then validated via an independent consensus algorithm.

  • Devvio’s platform protects an enterprise’s private data even while engaging in multiparty collaboration. Our solution is trustless, allowing different companies to work together on the same platform, share the same data structures, and coordinate across a wide variety of technical implementations, while still maintaining privacy.

  • Distributed ledgers are inherently designed to offer shared visibility of data, offering new levels of interoperability. Devvio easily integrates traditional databases with our blockchain platform, providing a backbone to support connection and cooperation across established technologies, with quick onboarding using tools such as our RESTful API. All information, however, remains private.

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