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Own what's yours. Earn true value and enjoy real control.
With a simple API integration for game developers.
Think about your game inventory for a moment...

The weapons you've grinded for. The armor you've forged. The random drops you've been awarded from endgame chests. The vehicles you've crafted. The skins you've purchased. The trove of in-game currencies you've built up over time.

Does any of it truly belong to you?

Right now, everything you've acquired is locked inside the game where you earned it. You can't trade these items freely with other players. You can't offer these items up for purchase. You can't transfer these items to your character in a different game. Although you earned it, your inventory doesn't have the value associated with real ownership. You don't truly own it.

But what if you could?

Imagine a game metaverse where you control what you create.
  • Robust video game ecosystem

  • Gamers own items as tokens outside the game itself

  • Tokens are visible in a wallet and sellable on the GlassBlock marketplace

  • Hundreds of different games can participate in a broad metaverse where real value exists for tokens

  • Simple for developers to join our ecosystem and build on our platform

It's easy to add our technology to your game.

Forget everything you've heard about blockchain gaming. Let us show you how the right blockchain platform can add true value and enhance the gameplay experience for your community, without distracting your development team.

Benefits to Game Developers


Put monetization in the hands of your player base. Incentivize your community to help drive growth by providing them with the ability to own, trade, and sell what they earn, including skins, weapons, vehicles, armor, inventory, currencies and more.


Let your game shine. With our low-profile design and lightweight framework, you won’t even know the blockchain is there. Overall game performance is unaffected by our architecture.


High-speed, high-throughput, and scalable. Unparalleled performance for indie titles all the way to AAA blockbusters.


Strong, proven underlying architecture. Our blockchain platform has been tested by skeptics, examined by experts, and embraced by industry. Our technologies are already in the field, changing how business is done, with successful, real-world deployments.


Easy for your team to integrate: no Web3 experience necessary. We took a strategic approach to facilitate application integration from the beginning, implementing a RESTful API interface for simple onboarding. Any web developer can easily add our technologies to a game, whether in production or post-release.

  • The longest-running blockchain game in existence, LitCraft Nysperience was the first game launched on the DevvX platform.

  • Craft LitPets and participate in PvP battles.

  • Play-to-earn and play-to-own by selling crafted LitPets, engaging in PvP battles, or building profitable businesses that contribute to the in-game economy.

  • Make your LitPet teams more competitive and make your businesses more profitable with valuable and unique NFTs.

  • Enjoy dozens of unique mobile-friendly games, each of which allows you to play-to-earn.

  • Explore tie-ins with other media and entertainment.

Visit to learn more.

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