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Video Games
& NFTs

Use blockchain at a global scale to track and manage
the ownership of collectable digital assets,
including game inventory items and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
representing real-world artwork, video clips, GIFs, Tweets,
music, trading cards, and more.

How it Works


The process starts by defining the type of digital asset being commodified. Companies and creators can easily define what information is stored on a blockchain for a given asset.


These assets are then instantiated on our blockchain, allowing them to be bought, sold, or traded. NFTs represent provably unique items, and the unique nature of the items can create substantial value in their ownership.


Assets can be distributed or sold to game players and community members, or offered as store items. As transactions are made, ownership is transferred and recorded on-chain, along with data provenance that establishes the items as unique.


Implement methods to trade, buy, and sell digital assets, both firsthand and secondhand, all using straightforward RESTful API calls.



Secure ownership & transfer

  • Demonstrate unique ownership via an easy-to-use RESTful API interface.

  • Byzantine Fault Tolerant security enables identity validation, authentication, resiliency, information reliability, and assured access digitized assets. A central point of failure does not exist.

  • Distributed ledger technology provides full backups, disaster recovery, and prevention of ransomware attacks.


Enable the exchange of unique items at scale

  • Creates a permanent, indelible, and unalterable history of transactions, distributed and held across multiple computers.

  • Immutability and decentralization ensure data integrity.

  • Solves the "double spend" problem, ensuring ownership that is exactly defined, transparent, and irrefutable.


A new standard in efficiency

  • With Devvio, blockchain-based buying, selling, and exchange is cost-effective even at scale. Our platform is 1/1,000,000th the cost of Ethereum.

  • Allows the creation of new streams of revenue for businesses.

  • Enables NFTs to be implemented with energy efficiency, using a blockchain that consumes 1/1,000,000th the energy of Bitcoin.

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