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Our suite of solutions enable businesses to enhance safety
across a variety of key domains, including
operations, supply chain, identity,
payments, and compliance.

How it Works


The all-in-one DevvSafe product suite includes five solutions targeting safe workplace applications, reducing liability for a company. 


DevvInsights uses machine learning and AI to analyze large-scale, time-ordered datasets, enhancing the safety of operations, efficiencies, fraud detection, and risk mitigation.


With DevvTrackColdMed, enterprises are able to track the safe distribution of medicines such as vaccines for influenza or COVID-19 across their workforce.


DevvColdTrace is a supply chain solution that allows businesses to track the safe distribution of perishable goods, such as foods, from origin to destination.


DevvID was designed to deliver safe identity confirmation for electronic voting, existence validation, digital ID use cases, devices, and more.


DevvPay enables safe and secure B2B and B2C payments at scale.



Identity management

  • Assured identity representations via third party verification.

  • Third-party verifications are held on the blockchain and cryptographically assured whenever an identity needs to be confirmed.

  • Powerful algorithms are used to validate an identity and its claims.

  • Robust Identity definitions are implemented to create any type of identity representation: who a person/entity/device is, what a person has done, where a person has been, and more.


Privacy & security, without sacrificing agility

  • With DevvSafe, all data is encrypted, private, and selfsovereign, even when collaborating across organizations.

  • Privacy is mathematically guaranteed.

  • Users are in full control of the use of their own data. All personally identifiable information is controlled through users’ private keys held in a blockchain wallet.

  • Our privacy solution is built on nearly 5 years of leadingedge blockchain research and development.

  • Byzantine fault tolerant security and self-sovereign identity are native to our platform.


Risk mitigation

  • Ensures the safety for your organization, employees, operations, goods & services, transactions, and identities.

  • Included hardware gateways and wearables make adoption simple while enhancing user participation.

  • Our proprietary blockchain platform is regulatory compliant, facilitates multi-party collaboration, delivers world-class security, offers compatibility with competing platforms, integrates seamlessly with existing databases, and makes onboarding easy via a RESTful API interface.

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