The Devv Blockchain

Global Scale Enterprise Use
8 Million
Transactions Per Second
1 / 1,000,000
The Cost of Other Platforms

The Devv Blockchain represents state of the art security, as well as immutable records and full disaster recovery.


The Devv Blockchain delivers lightning fast transactions at a fraction of the cost of other best in class systems available today.

03 / FAST

In technology, speed is everything. That's why Devv is faster and more scalable than any other blockchain protocol.


...we're in desperate need of blockchain innovation that is scalable, eco-friendly, and most importantly of all, addresses real business and social needs...Devvio, which bills itself as "the enterprise blockchain," might just be it.

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Devvio's Infectious Disease Tracking technology can help prevent the spread of infectious diseases like Covid-19
Built on a foundation of Privacy and Security, as well as integration with custom hardware, DevvTrace can be used by businesses to protect employees and customers from Covid-19.
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Security OS

Devvio's blockchain represents state of the art security technology. The Devv Blockchain is Byzantine Fault Tolerant, is distributed with no central point of failure, and all transactions are assured through a consensus protocol.

Automation Management

Devvio's smart contracts enable automation of Devvio products and solutions enhancing agility, productivity, and operational efficiencies, while reducing risk, and providing full regulatory compliance.

Data Management

Devvio's blockchain data is structured in a rich and powerful, time-ordered format ideal for creating new insights using machine learning, AI, or scientific visualization.

Records Management

Devvio’s scalability allows records to be held on an immutable blockchain at costs and scale on par with current conventional database management systems, but with the added benefits blockchain gives.

Asset Management

Where the Internet was a disruptive platform that enabled Data Transfers, Blockchain is a disruptive platform that enables Value Transfers. It is an ideal platform for maintaining any type of asset.

Identity Management

Devvio's Identity Management provides for secure, assured, and validated identity representations, where users are in full control of when and how their identity is used.


One of the biggest challenges in IoT is security. Blockchain is a technology that is innately secure, but until Devvio's solution, it has not been appropriately scalable or cost effective to apply to IoT.


About Devvio


Devvio was one of the first companies to focus on large scale, enterprise use of blockchain, deployable at global scale. Devvio initially focused on IP / Patents, followed by the development of a blockchain core that can process millions of transactions per second, and then an interface to traditional databases at that scale, using a RESTful API.


Devvio has a world-class team of professionals with a broad array of expertise in tech startups. We have decades of experience in high tech development, security and cryptography, investments and financing, and corporate and government partnerships.

Devvio's proprietary technology is the world's fastest and most cost-effective blockchain solution. We have solved blockchain's biggest problems with our powerful sharding solution, our privacy approach, our fraud/theft/loss protections, our identity solution, and our IoT security.



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