Finally, it’s here.

The first and only blockchain
that puts it all together.

Let us show you how our next-generation platform can build security, privacy, and trust into the business processes you use every day.

“...we're in desperate need of blockchain innovation that is scalable, eco-friendly,

and most importantly of all, addresses real business and social needs...

Devvio, which bills itself as the enterprise blockchain, might just be it.” 

"Devvio has developed an innovative blockchain initiative that advances sustainability efforts — with ES&G infrastructure that provides for Bitcoin and Ethereum with net-zero emissions.” 

Practical. Revolutionary.
We are everything
blockchain promised it could be.

Most blockchains rest on faulty assumptions.
Our technology is grounded firmly in the here and now,
with an eye on tomorrow.

When you need something
that just works—effortlessly.

We deliver turnkey products
and visionary custom solutions,
leveraging a standard RESTful API
to make integration with existing
systems seamless.

We are made for enterprise. Our solutions enhance
privacy, security, and trust when tracking assets and
records—all using a lightweight, high-performance framework.

Designed to do more.

The only blockchain platform
that moves beyond limitations.

You’ve heard a lot about blockchain technologies.
But they’re not all created the same.

Ability to implement
1,000s of shards
across legal jurisdictions

Compliant with all
business areas and
regulatory domains.

Zero single points
of failure

Byzantine fault tolerant
security and regulatory
compliant privacy.

Usable by over
web developers

Leverages a RESTful API for
simple onboarding.

Processes over
transactions per second

Lightning-fast transactions
for deployment at a global

the energy usage &
CO2 output of Bitcoin

A technological approach
designed explicitly to
expend less energy.

the cost of Ethereum

A fraction of the cost
of other platforms, allowing
scalable deployment.

Tested by skeptics. Examined by experts.
Embraced by industry.

Our technologies are already in the field,
changing how business is done,
with proven, real-world deployments.

Here are a few ways we’re revolutionizing enterprise today.

Engineered for the common good.

A blockchain built
for the betterment of the world.

Our corporate vision revolves around the empowerment of individuals,
allowing them to control their own value creation and personal information,
introducing trust and transparency into transactions,
enabling groups to collaborate freely,
establishing a shared source of truth,
creating energy-efficient technologies,
leading the way in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives,
and helping find solutions to the world’s most difficult challenges.