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Built to scale.
Easy to

DevvX makes it quick and easy to build your own blockchain with unique applications to meet the specific requirements of any industry.

Buy and sell digital assets on a secure marketplace, developed by a world-class team.

GlassBlock delivers a classic, intuitive, and effortless Web2 experience built on a next-generation Web3 platform.

With a beautifully simple interface, GlassBlock allows assets to be purchased, sold, or exchanged as NFTs with blazing-fast transaction speeds using both credit cards and cryptocurrencies.

The DevvX Platform

Turn any application into a Web3 application, no experience required.

Our high-speed, high-throughput blockchain platform makes it simple for any traditional Web2 developer to create robust, fully functional applications powered by Web3 blockchain technology.

Ability to implement
1,000s of shards
across legal jurisdictions

Compliant with all
business needs and
regulatory requirements.

Usable by over
web developers

Leverages a RESTful API for simple onboarding.

the energy usage &
CO2 output of Bitcoin

A technological approach
designed explicitly to expend less energy.

Zero single points
of failure

Byzantine fault tolerant

Processes over
transactions per second

Lightning-fast transactions
for deployment at a global scale.

the cost of Ethereum

A fraction of the cost of other platforms, allowing scalable deployment.

Simple Deployment

Painless to integrate. Quick to launch.

Whether you're building something new, or updating an existing app with new functionality, we make Web3 easy.

Blockchain shouldn't be a burden. Let us show you how your existing Web2 development team can use our straightforward RESTful API to create elegant blockchain-powered applications with ease. 


Blockchain for the betterment of the world.

Let us show you how to improve your ESG performance quickly.
We have the in-house expertise to launch sustainability projects, boost social impact, help manage environmental assets such as carbon credits, and increase stakeholder trust in your ESG program—all powered by blockchain technology.

Our ISO-compliant green blockchain platform can be used to help solve the most pressing challenges facing the environmental, social & governance (ESG) arena today: greenwashing, lack of trust, unreliable data, and insufficient transparency.

Video Games

Play to own. Play to earn.

The next generation of video games will give players the power to control the value they create.

Skins, weapons, vehicles, armor, inventory, currencies and more. Once you experience what it's like to sell, transfer, and trade your in-game assets outside of the game's context, you'll never want to play the old way again.

    We've built a robust video game ecosystem that allows gamers to own their hard-earned items outside of the game.

  • See your in-game inventory as tokens in your DevvX wallet.

  • List and sell your items on the GlassBlock marketplace.

  • Join a broad metaverse where real value exists for the tokens you generate.

  • If you're a developer, use our simple RESTful API to add our Web3 architecture to your game, quickly and easily.

See for yourself how the right blockchain can change the way you play.

The longest-running blockchain game in existence, Nysperience offers compelling gameplay while showcasing the power of the DevvX platform.

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