Since the inception of blockchain, it’s been severely limited in speed, scale and scope making it impossible for enterprise businesses to harness its true value.

That is until DevvX

It's flexible

DevvX is actually made up of a network of blockchains called shards. Each application on DevvX can potentially have its own shard.

Shards on DevvX can facilitate custom smart contract requirements, and even their own tokens. When applications need to scale, DevvX can simply spin up another shard.


It's explosive

Using its unique cross-shard architecture, DevvX has proven it can process over 8,000,000 cross-shard transactions per second.

That’s orders of magnitude faster than any blockchain in existence and (more importantly), enough throughput to accommodate the needs of global businesses.


It’s interoperable

Integration is a breeze with DevvX because transactions are actually created with a traditional Web2 RESTful API. This means any one of the world’s 25,000,000 web developers can instantly and easily integrate the DevvX blockchain to create powerful Web3 applications.


It’s responsible

At 1/3,000,000,000 the energy use of Bitcoin, DevvX is one of the most energy efficient layer one blockchains in the world. Far beyond energy conception, DevvX is on its way to becoming one of the world’s largest sources of truth and trust in managing environmental assets like carbon credits.

Some of the applications currently using the DevvX blockchain