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We are committed to providing the world’s trusted source for truth, and enabling the world’s infrastructure for transferring value.


Devvio was one of the first companies to focus on the development of large-scale, enterprise blockchain applications deployable globally. We started by creating an unparalleled intellectual property and patent portfolio encapsulating our unique technological approach to blockchain implementation. Next, we leveraged nearly 5 years of research and development to engineer a next-generation distributed ledger framework that can process more than 8 million transactions per second while adhering to the fundamental regulatory requirements of real-world businesses. Finally, to make integration easy for our corporate users, we designed an interface to traditional databases using a standard RESTful API. The result? The most sophisticated blockchain platform in existence, with a powerful privacy approach, fraud/theft/loss protections, identity management capabilities, parallel blockchain interoperation, low energy consumption, and Byzantine Fault Tolerant security, all at an affordable price point.

About Us

Our Team

Devvio has assembled a world-class team of professionals with expertise across an array of industries and domains, including high-tech development, security and cryptography, investments and financing, and corporate/government partnerships.


Chief Digital Alchemist


Director of International Sales


Global President


Chief Innovation Officer

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Director of Data and Analytics


Executive Advisor


VP Marketing


VP Marketing for ESG


Director of Research


VP Software


Executive Advisor


Lead Software Engineer


Front End Engineer

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