The Play-to-Own Revolution

When Devvio’s DevvX blockchain technology is paired with games, the concept of play-to-own becomes a reality. Suddenly the weapons your players have grinded for, the armor they’ve forged and the vehicles they’ve crafted—all become theirs to own. Play-to-own instantly incentivizes your community to help drive growth by providing them with the ability to own, trade, and sell what they earn, including skins, inventory, game currencies and more; and as a game developer, all of these transactions can of course be monetized.


LitCraft is a brand-new IP launched by Devvio using DevvX into the marketplace and it quickly generated over $7.5MM.

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LitCraft: Nysperience is an open-ended magical universe where anyone can Play-to-Own by battling competitors, crafting items, crafting LitPets, playing popular game genres, or starting virtual businesses.

DevvX: A blockchain built for the demanding needs of the gaming industry

  • Customizable - Separate shards provide publishers maximum flexibility
  • Interoperable - A RESTful API that ensures simple onboarding for any application
  • Efficient - One three-billionth the CO2 use of Bitcoin
  • Secure - Byzantine fault tolerant
  • Scalable - Processes 8,000,000 cross-shard transactions a second
  • Economical - One ten-millionth the cost of Ethereum per transaction
  • Powerful Infrastructure - Devvio has already developed all of the needed infrastructure for Play-to-Own games, including a scalable marketplace, a seller’s portal, an exchange, and an easy-to-use wallet.